I still dont understand...

Here's the goods. Some peon at MS (windows 98 was too tuff for the ol' billygator) was making the nerds drool about how drivers automatically loaded when u hot-plugged things in. So, to demonstrate, he plugged in a USB scanner, i think.


Instant BSOD. In front of all of Comdex. doh! The guy looked like someone had pushed a taser up his behind and set it off, that sort of puckered-lip look. He looked sort of stunned for a while, then let out a weak sort of giggle. Billy G (sounds like a rapper) joined in the mirth, then said (witty bastard that he is) "Gee, I guess that's why it's still in beta" and caused some more mirth in whoever the hell it was that was demonstrating. Funny stuff, I had a movie of it once. Who knows where I put that.
Whats funny is that 2 weeks later the final version of windows 98 was released..

But if it was not for windows then I would not have a mac..
Actually the name Windows came from an OS called X-Windows. X-Windows was not copyrighted so Microsoft stole the name. I believe there was a lawsuit over that issue.
Talking of Rocks thru windows... When i was taking a totally useless CS class at my local community college (I go there instead of high school... way better classes available) I did some modifications to the NT login screen. A true masterwork. It said Microshaft Windohs NiceTry
with Intersnot Exploder

And hte best part of all: Instead of the curvy windows logo, it was a broken window going down in flames with all its window "panes" broken. The lab admin thought it was so funny he let me keep it on there. There were also various "bugs" flying around.