I still love my Limp Bizkit Videos


If your wondering why I have the word "still" in the title of this thread, then look at this: http://www.macosx.com/showthread.php?threadid=4072

Anyway Here's the first picture: Click Here
(videos from top left to right starting at the top an who's in the picture)

"Faith" (Wes Borland, Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto)
"Break Stuff" (Fred Durst and some guy)
"My Generation" [Fred Durst Wes Borland (in the backround)]
"Jump Around Live In Concert" (Sam Rivers)
"Counterfeit" (Fred Durst)
"Boiler" (Fred Durst)
And icons I made at the bottom.

And here's the second picture:Click Here
(videos from top left to right starting at the top an who's in the picture)

"Take A Look Around (Mission Impossible 2 Theme)" (Wes Borland)
"Nookie" (Wes Borland)
"My Way" (John Otto, Sam Rivers, Fred Durst, D.J. Lethal, Wes Borland)
"Re-Arranged" (Fred Durst, Wes Borland)
"My Way (William Orbit Remix)" (Fred Durst, John Otto)
"Rollin" (John Otto)
"Nookie (Live At Woodstock '99)" (Fred Durst)
"N 2 Gether" (Fred Durst, Method Man)

That's it. There's one more video I can't find, It's called "Sour".

1. In the first picture where you see the videos and the icons, I misspelled the word "lethal" on one of the icons.

2. If you see the file "Limp Bizkit-Boiler.mpg" on limewire, I made that.:D
Where do you guys get these vidios at? I could really use some livening up on my computer!
Originally posted by XpleasedieX
Limp Bizkit sucks, get over it.
I don't care what people say about what I like. I can't help what I enjoy. I like most music I hear, Limp Bizkit just happens to be one of my favorites. I also like Nirvana, Aerosmith, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Elvis, The Beach Boys, and lot more.
wdw_: Too bad, I downloaded the OSX version anyway. :p

Limp Bizkit is good stuff! I love My Way, Rollin, Boiler, Take A Look Around, and... Fred Durst and StainD sining Outside.