I still need help...


I still can't get X to run on my beige g3. yes i have partitioned my drive correctly. I have two IDE drives. One is a master on it's own bus (it's where the original apple-supplied drive was) and the second is on the CD's bus (I believe the CD is master, so the HD must be slave). I formatted the drive so that one 6gb partition was completely within the first 8gb of the drive, just like it's supposed to be. I have 384 mb of ram. Anyone know what is going on? I can install X just fine but when I restart after the install (by clicking the Restart button in the X installer) it just sits there after the startup "bwooaaahh" and doesn't even get to a happy (or sad) mac or blinking ? mark.


I don't know about the Beige G3, but I know that for the G4's Apple setup the computer to only allow CD and ZIP drives (no hard drives) to be run on the secondary IDE controller. I remember from your earlier posts that you do not have any problems with the second drive (on the secondary IDE controller) when you are running OS9. But (if I remember right) it wouldn't even start the install of OSX if you had the secondary drive installed.

This is only a guess, but maybe OSX cannot understand the hard drive on the secondary IDE controller even though the hardware can handle it.

What about your CD player? Is it the original that came with the Mac, or did you replace it with another? Maybe the CD player is not fully supported or you installed a CDR?

Also, what OS are you running: 9.1 or 9.2?

I also noticed that you have a G4 Dual 800. How do you like that?


I haven't heard anything about the g3's having that second IDE drive problem. I have the apple-supplied CD drive, and I'm running os 9.1 (I'm using the 9.1 CD that came with X). It says in the manual that I can put a 2nd HD on the same IDE bus as the CD, so that shouldn't be a problem. The dual g4 is awesome, I'm typing on it now. Even on this beast of a machine, resizing finder windows is still sluggish but just about everything else is very snappy. I can launch mail in just over 1 bounce, running 10.0.4. IE is about 6-7 bounces. I have plenty of ram, 1.1gb, which helps a lot too. Here's the header from the top command (try top -u to sort by cpu usage, it's handy):

MemRegions: num = 4775, resident = 301M + 11.0M private, 127M shared
PhysMem: 103M wired, 59.2M active, 571M inactive, 733M used, 419M free
VM: 3.98G + 46.9M 15134(0) pageins, 0(0) pageouts

You can also check this for an amusing shot of me running every app I could find: homepage.mac.com/wyvern5/
Click on LotsOApps.jpg to see it.