I think it's called a "Colonel Crash?"


I have a G4 dual 1gig processor super drive, running 10.3.9 (recently went from 10.1.? Seems like once a day or so, I'll crash. What appears is a full-screen semi-transparent grey "shade" and a note in several languages that I need to restart my computer. No warning, no nothing. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to troubleshoot it???


The Late: SuperMacMod
It's called Kernel Panic. Colonel Crash is a distant cousin.

When you left 10.1, did you do upgrades or did you reformat the drive before going to 10.3.9?

Have you added memory or any other hardware to the machine recently?

Try taking out any memory that didn't come with the machine and see if it crashes.


Und Colonel Klink.

Try this, as well.
Boot from the MacOS X 10.3 installer disc, and select the 'Installer, Open Disk Utility' menu item.
Select the Mac's hard disk drive from the left side list, the 'First Aid' tab, click on the 'Repair Disk' button, and then the 'Repair Disk Permissions' button.
Quit 'Disk Utility' and then quit 'Installer' - both from the 'Installer' menu.

Your Mac should now boot from it's internal hard disk drive. Reply with your results.


Hi Martin,
i used to get these all the time to on my Mac G4. Turned out to be the main power supply was faulty. USB components like the keyboard started playing up, then the mouse. It turned out the 'silent' PSU I fitted in the graphite tower had a problem. When I changed it for another, the kernel panic crashes disappeared. I suspect all the power rails were running low. If the other cures dont work, get a tech to check the PSU.
Good luck,