I think my Router is running Windows CE


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I have to reboot it once a day.

I have a cable modem...Rochester Time Warner is cheap and only gives you one IP address [Albany TW gave me 3], so I went out and bought a D-Link Router / Gateway.

About once a day, sometimes twice, my connection gets really slow. People can no longer download stuff from my computer at any respectable bandwidth [<1k/s], yet the pings are all fine. I can ping a server back home and get 25ms reply times. Also AIM disconnects CONSTANTLY.

Rebooting the router fixes this. All of a sudden my outbound transfers jump up to 40k/s from 500bytes/sec.

Anybody else have similar problems?
I encountered that problem once. After about 2 months of my Linksys 4port 10/100 router feeding 3 machines (2 mac, 1 PC), one weekend the connection got really spotty.

Streaming audio (www.digitallyimported.com :D) would need to be buffered every few minutes, and web surfing would crap out.

I tried forcing it to manually release the DHCP info, but it didn't seem to help. Upon reboot of my OSX machine, it didnt' get assigned an IP address correctly.

So I hard booted the router, and everything has been working great since then.

I would go to the support site of your manufacturer, and see if there is an updated firmware that you can install.

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I got this recently with my Linksys 4 port 10/100MB router, too (and hence I had a related problem with sendmail). I haven't bothered to install the latest update for it, but it is the second most latest. Is the latest one supposed to fix this?
Me too... :)

I have the LinkSys, and it was "hanging" several times a day, sometimes at intervals of about 10-15 minutes. I never had problems with this thing until I started running 10.1 full-time. I haven't had an opportunity to put a sniffer on to see what's going on, but I do suspect some odd interaction between 10.1 and the router. At one point, I was running tcpdump, and saw the router spewing SNMP traps before it hung. I don't know what firmware revision is running on it, but I can check if anyone's interested.

When it hangs, I can't even get to the web interface to check its status; a physical reset (power cycle or reset button) is the only thing that clears it.

For now, I've got an old P120 with Linux serving as the router. It works great, and hasn't exhibited any problems in the week or so it's been standing in for the LinkSys box.
I'm glad I'm not the only one... Problem is, it was happening pre-OS X for me...
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