I Tunes Error Message -200


I am unable to use my iTunes on my G4 OSX (using version 10.8.2). I continually get the unknown error message -200. Despite running Diskwarrior ( so I know my hard disk is clean), and clearing my iTunes library files and com.apple.itunes.plist and restarting, I still have the error message. I know I could reload the original software by totally relaunching my system, but can anybody help me avoid having to do this. It's only the iTunes that is the problem.
Try login in as a different user with that you can see if the issue is an application problem or a problem in the preferences files.

If you get the same problem in a different user account delete the iTunes application and download a new one an reinstall it.

Been away for a couple of days. I tried your latest suggestion about creating a new user, but I'm still getting error -200.

Thanks for your suggestion, but this didn't work either. Maybe it's a more general problem. Now when I launch my DVD player it says no appropriate audio output device is available. Any ideas ?