I wanna get System 7 on the internet.


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I need the correct Control Panels, Extensions and Web Browsers.. Just for fun.. It'd be a IIci with a modem..

Don't start on how it'll be WAY too slow.. I know, it's just for fun to get use out of the modem.

I just hope people actually visit this section to see this thread.
Shouldn't be too hard to do, FreePPP works very well. I have an old LCIII in my workshop that I use for AIM, ICQ, and mail. It's running MacOS 7.5, so you might want to consider using 7.5, especially since 7.5 is free from apple. Netscape 2 works very well, as does iCab although iCab does run very slowly. For a computer that was built outof an LC, a IIci, a Tandy, and a Quarda, it runs very well and excellent for playing with. :D