I wanna host, but I have a question...

The Madhatter

Being that I am at a university with a huge network and lots of Windows machines, we are behind one gigantic firewall. By default the port 80 is closed, but I can request that it be opened if they don't find any vulnerabilities. Is this the port I need open in order to set up an ftp server? I have TONS of bandwidth here, I mean we are on a T3 line and I can upload at something like at least 200k/s, if not more. I'd be happy to host a server, I just need a little help.

Do I need any special software to have an ftp server?
Yeah, you'll want to get an FTP server...

Your university may only be blocking ports under 1024, so you could try setting it up on a higher port.
The easiest thing to do would be to set up an apache mirror. You will need to edit your apache config file (/etc/httpd/httpd.conf) to recognize your IP address as your servername

ServerName xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

and have apache listen on another port like 8080

Port 8080

Put the image in your document root ie:


then either create an index.html page that links to the file or delete/rename your index.html file

the file should be accessable with

http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/ in a browser


A *nice* free FTP server is proFTPd (I think it's Linux only though). As for FTP ports, you need to open port 21. You can also use SCP (if you have an SSH daemon/server, again Linux), which is more secure. For windows, I don't know.
You say you have an OC-3 Line....are you by chance at RIT? If so, can I get a copy from you? :) I'm dying to get my hands on this...CompUSA ran out before they got to my name on the list... :(

Setup an FTP server using the guide at http://www.macosx.org/anonftp.html
this will allow users to log in and download it from you.