i want a burned copy of os x for backup...


ok i have one cd drive that is a burner on my imac so i copied my info to the hard drive as a disc imag and now i am trying to burn it to a cd with toast titanium 5 final. So i go to burn it as a mac volume and i try to select the option to make it a bootable cd... but i get an error saying that you cannot make this a bootable cd b/c there is no system folder, well there is a system folder it is just called SystemFolderX how can i make toast burn a bootable cd if it doesn't think it has sytem software... anyone help me on this?

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well would if i were to have my hardrive split into 2 particians and i burned just a normal copy of OS X and i lost my original or it got damaged for some retarded reason then would i be able to put the files and the installer in the partician and have it start off of that???
heh, i am a paranoid person when it comes to stuff like this b/c in some way the cd will get damaged or i will lose it =( lucky me i guess... heh
Well, I had a similar question a few posts ago and no one really offered any decent advice. I too am worried about my 130 dollar investment suddenly getting chewed. So, of course I kept plugging away and now I have finally gotten a bootable burned copy of the OS X CD to work. Here's what I did:

-Use Astarte CD-Copy 2.0 or later to view the original OS X CD. CD-Copy should be able to see the only track available on the disk. Save a copy of that track in CD-Copy to your desktop. (It should come up as a disk image file on your desktop titled something like "Track 01 Blah Blah Blah.")

-Now, I used Toast 4.2 to burn it because i couldn't seem to get Titanium to do what I wanted. Anyways, open Toast and drag it onto the Toast window. It should come up as a "Disk Image" type of burn. Now write the disk with the "Write Session" option.

-You should be good to go after that .... just pop in the copy and restart with the "C" key pressed and voila....OS X install baby.

Hope that helps....good luck.
its simple
but first you need the following
astarte cd copy discontinued but still available if you look hard enough

1 open astarte cd copy
2 put in os x cd
3 when it appears in the astarte window go >edit >>select all
4 then go >file >>save to hard drive
5 this creates a disk img file double click on the file and toast launches
6 click burn cd
7 this creates a bootable osx disk note it is a disk image and not a volume you are burning so there is no need to select bootable option oops you can't anyway

hope this works it did for me
Ok, this is the only way I was able to make a backup of my OSX CD.

Toast Titanium 5 DOES NOT WORK! (i now have many coasters!)

**Toast 4.1 DOES THE JOB!** (working and bootable!)

1. Make an image of your CD.
2. Double click it and let Toast 4.1 launch.
3. Click "Mount"
4. Drag the "mounted" image (that appears on your desktop) into the Toast Window. (should then say "don't copy to free space")
5. Burn the CD.

Relaxed. You now have a backup!
while we are on the subject of bootable disks how can i make a bootable copy of my os 9.1 disk that came with my os x i have tried every thing but to no avail any pointers would be much appreciated !!!!!!!