I want a pretty start


I have been playing around with trying to change the background of the login screen "Aqua Blue.jpg" I tried to do it the easy way. I took one of the solid colors...dark grey, just like my desktop...copied it, renamed it to aqua blue and the replaced the current aqua blue with the copy. I thought that this would work...but all I got was the aqua grey line dialouge box look in the login window filling up the entire screen. So that didn't work... Is there something else I can try?

Not really an urgent thing....but it would be cool so that my mac is just a little more my own

Strange, that one worked for me. I've now got a very cool login screen doing just that. Check that:

- The file you're using actually IS a jpg
- That it is spelt "Aqua Blue.jpg" and take note of the case.

Otherwise, that should work.

(Note: the only downside to this is that this will become the default background when you make a new user, which looks a little silly if it says "Login!" or something):rolleyes:
after trying something else...yes indeed it works...it looks as if only solid grey gives the login screen fits....I have no idea why