I want my Eudora Back


I tried to love mail.app - but it didn't take. There were too many things in Eudora that I got totally used to (biggest is selecting all of the posts from one address with one click for transfer or deletion - or just finding the right message to respond to) and now I want to go back.

My problem is that - I shoud have used both for this month, but I didn't and now there are a month of messages that I need to get into Eudora.

I used the import command in Eudora, it seems straightforward enough, but only got the skeleton of the various accounts, not the messages. The dialog had a check-box for import messages and it was ticked.

Is there a way to save the mail in Mail as rtf or some such and import it back into Eudora? (That is export from Mail to be able to import to Eudora?)

Is there some other step I may have overlooked that will make the import work?
I tried to work with a clean install of Eudora - moved my settings folder to the desktop and opened Eudora again so it would ask if I want to import settings from another program. The process was about the same as the simple import, and so were the results. I got the shell of the account but none of the messages.

Any ideas?
There is a group working to make a completely new rewrite of Eudora that will keep it near the same as it was but working in OX 10.5

The newest update killed it for me so I went searing to find a replacement since I HATE Apple Mail

Check this place out as they will give all members a beta test soon: