I Want My Halo!!!


Smiling 'till death
this has been bugging me ever since i heard that Microsoft took over Bungie (that was so long ago that i dont know if thats what i heard, or something along the line involving the micro weenies)


*pouts* I want mY HALO!!!!! :mad:
This is a quote from the FAQ at Halo.bungie.org:

When will Halo be released? Halo's release date is planned to coincide with that of the X-box, on November 8, 2001, as Halo is a major launch title for that console. The Mac/PC version will follow some months afterwards, in 2002.

I've been waiting for it a long time, myself.

P.S. And yes, Microsoft bought Bungie. Although so far, it looks like they've been keeping their hands off for a change.
The thing is, I really want to play this game. Plus, Microsoft hasn't tainted it, yet. So, I will buy it. Oh yes, I will buy it.
I want my HALO too ;)
I have been daemonic for too long... cant someone grant me a halo and wings ;) ??? (or do I need to buy red bull ? :p)
"hands off" my ass. they already messed with it when they bought Bungie. they specifically delaid it so that THEIR platform could be the first to praise its glory, and then specifically delaid the release for the other platforms so that people would be persuaded to buy an X-box so that they could play Halo. Anyone wanna roast some weenies?
Can I chop bill gate's and feed it to sharks ? :p
he he

Red Phoenix why have red bull commercial made u suffer ?
Well, yeah, the buy-out did delay the release of the computer version for sure, but they are planning on adding some extra features to the computer version, because it'll come out later. We do at least get something out if it (it's kind of the reverse of the Playstation 2 version of Deus Ex, which'll have some added features, dang it).

As for Red Bull, I know nothing about the drinks (and have nothing against the drinks themselves), it's just the commercials get on my nerves. It's only superseded by these stupid Richert Mega-Mall commercials they have around here.
When was halo supposed to be released ???

As for red bull I think the commercials are stupid :p
I drank it in greece, a year BEFORE it was released here.
It tastes sort of ok but when someone told me the "secret ingredient" was something out of a bull's testicles I became disgusted :p (some sort of bull hormone :p)

Anyway, the drink they should bring over from europe is Lucozade !

As for me, As long as Microsoft releases good software for the Mac, I'll buy it. Boycotting perfectly good software just because it comes from MS is pretty stupid, IMHO.

IMHO, Office is a perfectly nice office suite. Bought Close Combat, and I will buy Halo when/if it comes out. Office for X will have to wait until I have the money ;)
MacSlash's article is hardly definitive. Both Inside Mac Games and Mac Gamer are reporting that Mac and PC versions of Halo are possibilities (IMG is a little more positive than Mac Gamer).

The bottom line is that no-one's really sure if it will be coming out for anything except the X-Box or not. Bungie has been saying all along that they intend to publish Mac and PC versions of the game. Time will tell if Bungie's masters at Microsoft will let them port the game to either platform.
first off, if microsoft is going to release it on any other platform than the X-Box, then its DEFFINATLY going to have a PC version. now why would they do that to themselfs after they go through all the trouble of buying the company. :rolleyes:

second, was halo ORIGNALLY accounced ON THE MAC!?! :confused:
Yes, I believe Halo was originally announced for the Mac. And anyway, Microsoft wins if they release a Mac version, since it'll come out well after the X-Box version has been out for a while so it shouldn't affect sales for the X-Box. Also, it's not as is Microsoft minds making money off of the Macintosh platform...
once upon a time......

Does anyone remember when it was that Bungie mentioned Halo for the first time? I think I was still a kid or something.

so, to me, it got old before it even came out. I personally don't give a M$hit.

and I felt Oni (...that one took quite a while to come out too, didn't it?) kinda M$ucked (or was it still Bungie?) so, I'm not expecting much either.

Marathon was great, Myth was great. But that company's gone.

and since XBox is like, M$'s gaming platform... If the game's good enough to be a reason for many to buy XBox, M$ prolly won't be releasing it for any other platform for awhile.

I think IF it came out for Mac, it'll be late 2002 or something. Well, Blizzard makes Mac versions of their games about 1 yr after PC, so I don't think that's so bad... :p