I want Pine.

Glen Bowers

ok, I've been trying to compile and install pine all day. I downloaded ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/pine/pine.tar.Z and as root ungzipped/untarred it. Then it says to use the build command and specify which port to compile for. I have tried (as root) to ./build bsd, and ./build nxt, which will build it for either BSD, or NeXt. The NeXt one worked the most. It compiled imapd and mtest in the bin folder, but not pine, pilot, or pico. What am I doing wrong?

I can post the screen output if it will help.


ok, well I seem to have found my own solution. That inevitably happens immediately after a cry for help. 8) I found this link in a google search

I don't know what peak.org is, or if I should trust a binary off of their server, but I did. They have the previous version of pine 4.20 (not 4.21, what's the diff?) in a ready to be installed .pkg. It installed fine, and now I have pine running. :D