I want REAL my G4 back!!!


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I am having some major problems with my Dual 533 G4...My machine is running like 5 times slower then it did when i bought it...it just feels really bogged down...like every action has slowed down i.e. loading a cd, loading programs, and games. I was hoping that the upgrade to 10.1 would help this a little..not much. i also added 2 - 512 megs ram... So that i now sit at 1.25 gigs .. (another 512 will be here on Tues.) ...these havn't helped much either. it seems as it my machine has a lot of useless files on it.. what are the best ways of getting rid of alot of these... optimizing the disks.. defragging...or what the hell else can i do....it needs a complete rehaul...i'm willing to do whatever is neccessary..
Thanks in advance!

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say you needed to cleen up some files? well, one thing you can try is Alladin's Spring Cleaning. i dont know however if its out for OS X yet.
Use a benchmarker to gauge performance, or just time a few actions yourself, backup, reformat, reinstall, repeat benchmark and be amazed...

I got a 200% speed increase when I did that sfter 15 months of torturing my computer with loads of little files.

Failing that, a defrag could help.

Bernie :eek:)