I Want Roller Coaster Tycoon!!


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I want SOMEONE to port RCT to OS X. It is THE BEST sim game out there. And it's not even made by Maxis! Why the hell has this one not been ported?

I try to email the company or the guy who created it, but there's no address. So I'm stuck with three RCT CD's from back when I used Windows, but I have no PeeCee!!!

I have been toying with the idea of buying a crappy old PeeCee to play games on, but I am out of room. And Emulators are expensive. I'd much rather use a native version though. All I need is RCT! I LOVE that game!
As much as I hate to say it I doubt we'll see Rollercoaster Tycoon or Transport Tycoon Deluxe on a Mac anytime soon. http://www.chrissawyer.com explains that it was written in

"99% written in x86 assembler/machine code (yes, really!), with a small amount of C code used to interface to MS Windows and DirectX."

That can't be easy to convert. The best thing to do is email him or the publishers and ask that future version be put on X. This guy seems nice enough, he reminds me of Sid Meier, so I'm sure he woudl do what he could.
Well, I emailed chrissawyer@marjacq.com (I take it that's his address, I hope) with a nice letter explaining my position. Perhaps he will read it.

Chris does seem like a nice guy. And when I got the game (I have all both expansion packs again.) I was a Windows user. My friend at school told me about it. (Which is odd since he was also trying to get me to try Linux then.) And one day I just went to the store and bought it. Hacving never seen it played or in person. And I fell in love with all the features it had.

If they make a sequel one day, I hope to God it's ported to the Mac. If it is even Half as good as the original.

Maybe one day somene will port it.

I guess right now the best I can do is get an Emulator. (May be slow, but that's the price to pay) Or I can spend a couple hundred and get a Games only PeeCee.. which I can't do because I can't just throw my money around. What little I have. So Emulator it is. Anyone know when Virtual PC X will be out?