I want Tetris on the iPod!


I read somewhere on the net that you can play the BreakOut game on the iPod... it's very cool that there's a built-in game into the iPod. But I would like to see Tetris on that cool iPod! It's my favorite all-time classic!!

What retro games do you guys want to see on the new Apple device?
Sim City! It could be possible (I have it for palm, and it works great), but I guess the processor is too slow :D
I would like some sort of single player pong... that silky smooth wheel would rock for wacking that square brick back at my opponent.
I'm not a huge fan of role playing games myself, but the weak display and meager processor combined with the mammoth space available seem to say to me - massive text based role playing game with all sorts of interaction based on what you have / haven't done.

I remember all sorts of games like this for Apple II and Commodore 64. I think the iPod is something like an Apple II with way more storage crammed into a cigarette pack, and a 10 hour battery. I can only imagine that your battery life improves if you're not using the HD.
I would love to see airburst on the iPod!

Think about it. The circular wheel would be perfect for controlling that little paddle that goes around your bubble. If I remember correctly Airburst is a modern version of an atari game, so the original couldn't be to CPU intensive.
I want to see Airburst also. Remember guys if there is breakout there must be a way to make software for it and when people figure it out we could make all kinds of games for it. :)
As much as I'd like to agree with you for sure, knowing my luck they've etched the game/easter egg directly into ROM or something..

Yankee's Suck! ;)
I think I heard that they did put it in the ROM, but really I'm totally unclear about how breakout is executed at all. Does anybody have that info? Maybe in the future Apple will update the ROM to allow it to execute programs.
From the sound of it, this iPod just might slowly mutate into the Apple PDA that everyone has been clamoring for. All it would really need is a larger screen with a digitizer for handwriting, a slightly more open operating system, and possibly other forms of storage at some point. We'll have to see what happens over the next year or so.
So it seems the real question now is whether to buy the iPod or wait for it to evolve some more... it definitely is a solid product even now...but the sheer potential of the future and all...
Yeah. I think only the music freaks will be the early adopters. Eventually, if Apple can add more features, and lower the price slightly, it should become more mass market. And I still can't help but wonder how much it would reduce the price to put in a 2 GB drive instead of the 5 GB standard...
I'd like to see Glider Pro added to the iPod.
I don't own one (and probably never will) but my brother got his today and says it's fun to mess with...
And after Civ II, why not port Unreal Tournament? I was so disapointed when I heard ID wasn't porting return to wolfenstien to the iPod that I nearly left the mac platform entirely. jk :p