I want to change the default browser...


Is there a way to tell OS X to use a different web browser as the default for clicked links and such? I use OmniWeb for most of my browsing and having Mail open IE when I click on a link is damn annoying. Is there anything I can do besides copy&pasting the link?
It's pretty easy to do, although it's rather hidden. First, open System Preferences, then open the Internet pane. Click the Web tab, and you should see where to go from there.
Too bad it still opens IE if there's a html file and you double click it. Stupid type/creator codes.
mr. mac x:

I think there are at least two ways to change type/creator codes without use of the terminal. One is called super get info or something. I saw both on versiontracker.

I haven't used either, though. I just keep omniweb in the dock so I drag any html file on top of it and omniweb opens it.
You can easily make a tiny little shell script that will strip a list of input files of their type and creator codes.
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -c \?\?\?\? -t \?\?\?\? $*
Just chmod the file to 755, and put it somewhere convenient. Then just type the script's name followed by a list of files, and the codes will be removed.