I want to remove osX beta from os 9


I use a G3 black powerbook. For so long now i have had os X beta installed on my os 9 system and I want to remove os X beta.
I am happy to do a complete re install of mac os 9 i have not files i want to keep.
Is it just a case of using the os 9 software install disc? If so, it seems that i can only select either system 9 hard drive or mac os x hard drive as a destination. I want to get rid of osX completely (de partition, if thats the right expression).
Can anybody put me in the right direction?
Any help greatly appreciated.
many thanks
(i think) boot from installation cd (holding down c while it boots up), go into disk utility, and because the disk isn't in use, you should be able to format it. once formatted, install away onto your now clean disk. no partitions, no X beta or anything. just a big disk