I want to take a dive and convert completely to Os X!!!


je suis donc je pense

I'm a third year computer engineering student and it would be very convenient for me to have UNIX at home and everywhere I go. So I want to Install Os X on my Powerbook G4 Titanium. I don't want to have a dual boot, I not even sure if I want to bother with classic :D

I would appreciate it if I could get some suggestions on which software I could use in OS X to replace my most common software in OS 9. I know some of these programs are already OS X native. Please tell me how functionnal, and how productive the replacements/carbonized versions are compared to their Os 9 counterparts. They are in order of importance to me.

1) Metrowerks Codewarrior (for C++ and Java)
2) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, a bit of PowerPoint)
3) Internet Explorer
4) icq
5) Analog Workbench (UNIX app)
6) Mathlab
7) Adobe Photoshop (i know it will probably be a while) :(
8) Quake 3 (is the Os X version any good?)

Am I a fooooo to go all Os X? :D

How good is Sun's Star Office? Is it a good complete replacement to Office? I will download it when it commes this summer. Also, can I run programs like Analog Workbench and Mathlab in Os X?

Thanx for the enlightenment :eek:
Right now I do not have classic installed. For what I do [web development] OSX provides everything I need already with the exception of Photoshop.

Q3A for OSX kicks ass
Codewarrior is out [why wouldn't you use Project Builder?]
M$ Office is promised, I would expect it @ MWNY
Photoshop - same as Office
IE is the preinstalled browser for OSX [why wouldn't you use OmniWeb or iCab or lynx or an etch-a-sketch over IE? :)]
ICQ is out
Analog the web log analyzer is just a perl script, so yes, its out
don't know wtf mathlab is.

Check Versiontracker for all the awesome OSX aps that are here.
Hope this helps
Originally posted by Fahrvergnuugen
M$ Office is promised, I would expect it @ MWNY
Photoshop - same as Office

I don't think a carbonized Photoshop will appear anytime soon. Adobe aren't even coming to MWNY. That means they haven't even got a demo to show us. :(
Thanx for you replies. I was just siting the software I presently use in Os 9, I don't really know what is good or not on OS X because I didn't buy it let alone install it :D

Fahrvergnuugen : (hard name to spell, is it Scandinavian?) What do you use for web developpment? I use Dreamweaver on Os 9, is this out for X yet?

Btw, Analog Workbench is a circuit analysis program. It enables you to build huge (or small) circuits on the computer and then simulate the circuits pretty accuratly. I don't think you were talking about the same app :D If you were, please give me the url!

As for mathlab, the name pretty much explains it. It's an engineering math program used for everything from calculating derivatives and integrals to graphing and everything in between.

I usually have to run these at school on the UNIX terminals, it would be shcweeeet to have them on my Ti.

Thanx again.
Fahrvergnuugen [two u's to make up for the special character û] supposedly translates to "Driving Pleasures" in German. This was Volkswagens Slogan before "Drivers Wanted." It happened to be their slogan when they made my second-favorite-of-all-time vehicle, the Corrado [next to the Porsche 911 Turbo]. Combined with the fact that I have 4 Diesel Jettas and one Golf besides the Corrado, I think I have rights to the name :)

http://www.sickdimension.com/corrado/ <- My first love [next to my G4]

hehe I remember a joke I heard (or possibly made up) at the time:

Four Fig Newtons - It's what makes a car a Volkswagen

Yeah, it's pretty bad - I probably made it up LOL
if you wanna type the german ü and you don't have the letter on your keyboard, type "ue"...that's the official form of it like it is found in important letters in german and stuff. Also in domain names. a double-u makes no sense. Just use "ue" for "ü" or "oe" for "ö" for example.
And yes, Fahrvergnügen means driving pleasure.


we are now returning to our macos x discussion ;)
btw: it is not exactly true that the corrado was not built by VW. the corrado was only sold outside of Germany but it used MANY parts from the german VW Golf and IIRC an engine which was later on improved and was then used in the AUDI 80. AUDI is, along with Skoda, a daughtercompany from VW which makes GREAT cars btw...allthough I wouldn't trade my BMW for it ;)
But it is true that the corrado wasn't built in VW factories, but many parts - along with the basic engine concepts - came from VW


BMW's are a very very nice car. They qualify as one of the brands of cars that I would buy [there are only 4].

The uu is for pronunciation. I know ue would make more sense, but I use this name all over the place. AIM, message boards, etc, etc. If I spell it with a uu, I never have to worry about it being taken by someone else.

When I say that the Corrado was not built by VW, I mean just that. The parts came from VW, but Karmann assembled every Corrado. VW Designed it, Karmann Built it. Sorta like the convertable Beetles.

The engine in the Corrado SLC [the model I own] is a VR6....found in Jettas and Golfs today [the 24 valve VR6 will be out soon though], but it was designed for the Corrado initially. The 4cyl G60 just wasn't making enough torque.

There are a few majore reasons why this car is my second favorite car,
A. I have never seen another Corrado while I was driving my Corrado [unlike those nasty mustangs, corvettes, etc....you see one of those every 5 minutes]. There less than 4,000 '93 sold in the US.
B. It's a VW that is faster than most cars. Its so funny to destroy someone who thinks their in a hot car. The look on their face is priceless "OMG, I just got beat by a Volkswagen...." Similar to those peecee shmucks who see what my G4 is capable of.
C. I'm 18. How the heck am I going to afford a Porsche? :)

Okay, enough car talk on the macosx discussion board. It was fun though :)
Actually, I'm 19 and my friend of the same age has a Porsche. It cost him about 8000$ canadian (used of course!) and it looks exactly like that Corrado!! I will ask him whitch model it is. :)

It's a funny story, the other day a cop pulled him over and he though my friend had stollen the car. So my friend said it was his mothers (for insurance sake, it's damn expensive for guys our age and especially when you're driving a red Porsche!!) :D The cop still hardly could believe it.

Fahrvergnuugen : that's impressive that you know so many programming languages. I know C++ and I will be learning Java from a book when I have time. I know stuff like assembly but that is pretty useless. I applied for a job ta Motorolla the other day and they test their software on a huge supercomputer with hundreds of G3 chips. I told him I knew Motorolla assembly language (mainly 68k) and he said that it was useless because since the chips change so fast they do everything in C++ :rolleyes:
Fahrvergnuugen becomes Fahrvergnügen if you use the special character set built into your keyboard. Press [option] u and then u and you get ü works with all sorts f letters.
I know how to type it, but its not a valid character for AIM and usernames like that. My screen name is consistant throughout.
You could get a real math program ;) and go with Mathematica. They're doing an OS X version.

Here in the states...at least in MA anyway, males under 21 of age get hammered by insurance... that is discrimintation lol :p

I started programing when I was in high school, I learned BASIC on the apple IIgs... that was a fun year ;) ... I learned java and ANSI C (which I hate!) the last 2 years. I don't know if HTML and javascript are classified as languages lol :p. I think that in the next 2 years I have assembly, smalltalk and probably a few other languages to learn since I want to take theory of languages at some point :) I like theory :D

Back to cars...well I wont mention what I drive, it's my father's lol.

and finally the umlauts .. in HTML you can just do "&auml;" or "&uuml;" or whatever other letter substituting the a or the u in the above examples for the vowel you want ;) .... I used to type the umlauts on the web as Ÿ (option-u, u) but I got mixed results, so now I use &uuml; ("&uumlt;") lol :p

How did this thread get to this point ? lol ... cars and languages...the person wanted to know about OS X apps :p
Speaking of males under 21 getting ripped of for insurance...
Right now I am paying 1,500 a year for Liability, without collision.

I got a quote from geico insurance [save up 15% or more!] for Liability and collision for my Corrado...get this: $4,500 a year.

What a joke! The car only cost me 9 grand to begin with!
Progressive wasn't much better, still 3,200 with them. Apparently the Corrado has one of the highest risk factor numbers a car can get.

If anyone hits this car and they're still alive, I will get out and beat them to death :)

Oh yeah, the post was about software :)
LOL... the good thing is that I am a part time driver so I dont have to pay a lot :D (using my parent's car for crying out loud lol :p) but I pay next to nothing ;) It's sweeeeet....ddduuuuuude :p

Same here ''second driver'' all the way!! There is no way I'm paying a damn 2000$ canadian a year for insurance. Plus I really am a responsible guy! I don't drink and drive and I don't drive fast. Heck, my driving courses were defensive driving!

I think we should have a psychology examination before they lay a fat 2k insurance bill upon us poor testoterone driven young males!

Oh and my friends Porsche is a 944. You can rub the number off a bit to make it a 911 :D

I would also like to learn more languages but I have no time! I learnt basic on my Ti 82 calculator through highschool. The teachers though I was plotting graphs but I was really coding Tetris and playing diamonds. Jeee why do you need your calculator in Religion class son? :D I think Java should be my priority, they keep asking me about it in interviews. They say it's easy to learn when you code in C++. Which book should I learn it from?
Second driver rocks... especially since I only use my car for one thing lol ... drive myself to school/drive myself back lol :p .. other times my parents use it ;)

I learnt AppleSoft basic ;) I liked it so much that I god done with the dull text based code we had to do and taughtmyself hi-res graphics and sound so for a final project I coded a "mr felps" style kind of "video" lol ... password/username fields before you could access it and I even made the mission impossible music into midi for (damn that took a long time!!!)

I had tetris on my TI-82 and I played it for half a day lol from class to class and it was on pause during lunch and transit time :p ... too bad the high score field could not hold my high score because it was too big ;)

I love java :D ... automatic garbage collecting, so... nice to use ;) lol.

Nice, does that mean that there is no new and delete? Also I hear pointers are automatic and you don't have to fiddle witht them. But doesn't that take away from your freedom? I use pointers all the time in C++.

Give me the name of the Book you learnt Java in. How long would it take me to learn it? My friends say 2 days but is it realistic to do it in one week time? That would be sweet. After I finish all my summer courses (I'm taking more than 18 credits this summer!) I will learn Java.