I want to use mail services on Panther Server


I hope someone can please take time to try and assist me with an overview of my desired setup.

I have been given responsibility of configuring services on our XServe in a design studio of 10 people. I am a little out of my depth but willing to listen and learn.
I have a domain registered with one company and I have a 2Mbs ADSL connection (No NAT with 5 public IPs - so I was told by my ISP) with another company.

I want to setup up the email services, I have users currently setup in a local domain.

So how should I move forward?

Thank you for any help and suggestions.

LGG ( Pippa )
You need a few things:

You'll want to have proper DNS set up internally and externally with the appropriate MX records. You'll also want to use an Open Directory Master (LDAP) server and create all of your user accounts. In the user accounts you'll need to enable the mail accounts for the users.

You could also consider hiring a consultant! ;)

Let me know where you get with these starting points and I'll see what I can do to keep you on the right track! :)
I am a little further thanks to everyones help, this is the current status.

Mail setup, I have the following configured and working, but what next?

A 2Mb ADSL connection into a Netgear DG834 router in straight through mode (Public IP on both the WAN & LAN side of router) then into one of the NICs on the Xserve (with a different Public IP) and other NIC (Private IP range) into a Gigabit switch.

I have local DNS, Firewall and NAT running on the Xserve and it is setup as an OD Master.

I want to run the mail server and my questions are -

1. Do I need to change anything on the router or just open up the Firewall?

2. Do I inform the ISP controlling our domain to point the MX record to the router Public IP or the Xserve one Public IP?

If anyone has any other comments I am willing to listen and learn.

So, your router is the first thing being hit from external traffic on its way to internal. It has an public IP. So, create your MX record to point to that public IP and on the router, configure it to allow traffic for your specific mail services (143, 25, 110, etc) to the internal IP of your mail server. Configure your firewall on the server to allow this traffic. On your server, create the proper DNS entries as well, creating the proper MX record and so forth.

You could also apply this to the second NIC card that's forward facing, if you like. Just remember to get all those '.' s in the right places! :)