i wonder if the geforce 256 ...

t a k e s h i

... will be working under osx/darwin. it uses agp 2x and there have been unix drivers (linux, to be precise ) around for awhile (officially supported by nvidia) so i don't see why it shouldn't work on the macosx.

do you guys know if was possible at all? i am asking because i am planning to switch from wintel to the mac, and it would be shame to leave this fairly decent card behind...

t a k e s h i
Mac OS X has an ENTIRELY different method of displaying things on the screen. This would be a complete rewrite. The Linux drivers are for X-Windows which is thankfully not very similar to MacOS X's Quartz. Also, the GF256 does not have support for Macintosh color calculation. This is the reason that the current GF2's (which have a new revision of the same core in the GeForce 256, and thusly are not able to calculate colors for Macs) are not bundled by Apple and instead they chose the (compatible) GeForce2MX (the GF2Go is also compatible, and of course the GF3). So you're pretty much SOL with that video card. I know, it sucks.