"IBM" PC Hardware in mac?

Cow Loon

Sorry, I'm a complete nubie: Can I remove my Intel PRO/100+ ethernet card from my "ibm" pc, put it into my 450MHZ G4, and expect it to work?
The answer is Probably Yes. PCI ethernet cards are fairly safe to swap around, and since everyone shares just a handful of common ethernet IC's, you're likely to find that your Mac has the appropriate drivers built-in.

Then again we've all had our share of Not Yet's with OS X.

Ethernet cards are kind of a coin toss with a Mac. I've got a Real Tek card in my G4, which is the only 3rd party card with OS 9 drivers (that I know of.) OS X doesn't support it. Has anybody tried OS X with Netgear cards? Maybe I'll give it a whirl if I get bored.