ibook brightness settings in OS X???


John Galt Member
does anyone know how to change brightness and contrast in oS X for the ibook. in the system control preferences it is not available, so my only solution as of late is rebooting back into OS 9, changing the brightness and/or contrast to my liking, then booting back into OS X. does anyone know how to do it on OS X (if there is a way)?

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I do not believe Apple has put in the support yet. I actually booted into X right after 9 dimmed my screen to conserve power. I had to reboot into 9 to undim the screen. Plugging in the power did not help (in X).

Networking is useless on my iBook until Apple includes the location manager.
i don't know about peer to peer appletalk, but you can configure airport to work on the iBook. there's instructions on resexcellence.com. so, if you get whatever TCP/IP configurations up and running, i believe that you can easily set-up tcp/ip networks...
I can network at home and work through ethernet. Maybe Santa (my Wife ;->) will get me airport. There is even limited multiple IP configurations built into the existing control panel. I just find it a pain to boot into X, change settings, and reboot again just to switch between work and home.

Does anybody know what services to restart when network setting change? Maybe somebody could write a script.
You could save color sync settings with a lower contrast (i am not realy sure if this is possible but worth a shot trying), then select the saved setting in your color sync prefs from the "system prefrences"
Good luck!
I have just tried the Colorsync solution but it does not appear to work.
Isaved 2 different profiles under OS9 and transfered them over to X (adding the .icc extension). Changing between the settings in the Colorsync pane does nothing.
Still looking for a fix!