Ibook Brother 1250 Printer Problem


Dear Sir/Madam

I have an iBook running on Mac OS 8.6 and I have for sometime being using a Brother HL 1250 laser printer and things have worked fine.

The problem is now it won't print at all the error message I get is;

'Word cannot print due to a problem with the current printer'

The printer itself is not running any error messages I have check the USB connection by using another USB lead. Worringly if I try and print without the printer connected to the iBook I get the same message which suggests that the iBook is simply not detecting the printer when connected

Please Help!

with thanks

Go to the chooser and at the same time as you select the chooser hold down the option and the apple keys. You will hear an alert sound. Release the keys and the chooser will come up.
Now select the printer on the left, then select the USB printer name on the right.

You should be printing now.