iBook buy/not buy


i am desperate for a portable computer! i took a look at the ibook, veery tempting, but... the 66mhz mobo is popping questions inside my head. i heard the screen is very sharp, i like the looks the size, the ports but how fast is it? i have an imac @ 400 mhz 512k l2 cache (not processor speed) the i book has 256k l2 cache is it at processor speed? meaning 500 mhz??? is the 500 mhz processor and the cache and mobo combo as good s my imac, assuming they have the same ammount of ram? did anyone buy it yet? can they share their experience with me? i don't know if i should buy a crappier older/used laptop (read: mac laptop) or the iBook?? feedback gratly appreciated.. on a side not i heard rummors of integrated touchscreen imacs and/or ibooks! when? in september when students go back to school? should i wait till september to buy a laptop??
Depends how desperatelly you need it.
I believe that the iBook would be slightly better than your current iMac.
The touchscreen is not a rumor. There is a company that does it (I posted
a link to the site in this category I think a while back). I dont know if apple
is going to itegrate them, but it will be interesting to find out.

If you want to wait, then wait a little while to see if the touchscreen deal materializes
if a touchscreen is really important to you. Otherwise I dont see why delaying
purchasing an iBook is such a big deal. Just make sure you fill it up on RAM. RAM
is good :)

pretty desperate see mah sitooatian is putting a movie i create on my iMac on vhs , if i get the iBook with the va port or something like that , cables that hook to a vcr/tv i can diplay/output to a tv/vcr mah movie see. and i don't know wethre to go all new or all old... get an old PB and then get an external hd to hook up to that PB... ram is cheap now, i'm sure i will indulge in it's dellicacy. maybe i do'nt have resort to a new lap yet, if i find a way to export my movies to vhs otherwise... i once caried my imac to school and hooked up to a dv cam and exported the movie to it from there but, oh-my cariing an imac is heavy duty yeaaah! and i know that the power and lightness of current lapz are good enough to someime surpass desk top look at the g4 ti powerbook!!! but i'm sure around end of august, september, prices drop, they usually do to lure student to spend theyr money on school equipment, and also i'm tired of using my schools cheap ass pcz and i wanna smack them in the nose with a apple lap! that's aside the point the point is export to vhs NOW!
Old powerbook G3s are still about $1800 9as far as I remember from some prices I saw online). For about $1800 you can get a combo drive iBook, add some RAM to it, and for future expansion with 2 USB and a firewire port how can you go wrong ?

Besides you can hook it up to your TV/VCR quite easily with no extra hardware needed.

In my opinion you are better off with an iBook rather than an older G3. You will probably end up paying about the same for both, and since the iBook is new (more portable and more featureful than the old G3) you might as well go with the iBook.
seems lika good idea... maybe i'll buy one, but... is there a way i can my current hardware ..imac... to output to vhs? without being too expensive?

and , anyone out there already buy a ibook? tell me about it it srenghts and weakneses please there is very limited info on it harware, i need benchmarks with comparisont to other computers ,thabks
i live in canada so for me combo drive is more like $2550 i'll settle for the crw or cheapest one, add on shit later...
i'm not srong with money either so i'll have to lease it if i want to buy it anytime soon.
Try finding some sort or USB to RCA cable. That would be my suggestion :)
I think that the USB would connect to some sort of black box where the signal is converted to analog and then the black box connects to the video.
For the To VCR problem, you might consider Sony's $300 Analog-Firewire converter box. You can convert analog sources to a DV signal through Firewire, or you can take a DV signal through Firewire and output it to an Analog sink, like a VCR.

Or you could play out through you digital camcorder (sounds like you have one) to your VCR.

no, i dot that' why need this shit, if i had a dgicam i would have no problem, just tranfer with firewire to digicam and from there to tv/vct a snap! but i don't have a digicam my school has and i don't want to carry it to school that is why i'm also looking for a laptop.. and that 300 dollar sollution uh... i don't think so, i'd rather keep the money and put it t a laptop!