ibook display to television


hey everyone...got a problem?
Anyone using MacOSX on iBook???and try using the video output from ibook to television(AV option)?
NOthing comes out!!!!!!!
But when i restart to OS 9.0.4, everythings fine...i can view the screen of the ibook on the television. Somehow, OSX cant do that!!! HELP!!!!
Must i download any update or configure the ColorSync or something???
Hm, it works with my IBook.
Make sure you have the cable attached and TV on before you turn on your machine.
Also it seems to be very picky with adaptors and cables.
I tried on OS X as well. And it did work.
I'm using a dual USB white iBook 500. I didn't change any display settings in OS X, though I had to in OS 9, so I'm not sure if the OS X display panel has any way to switch between PAL and NTSC. It just spit out a PAL signal by default.
However, even with wrong display settings (bad encoding, resolution, etc.) your tv should display something.