ibook fan always on


I've installed X on my mandarine iBook and put in 320Meg ram. The intensive graphics slow things up a bit bla bla bla but that's fine. However, my fan is always on and it's bugging the hell out of me.

do any more ibook users have this 'feature'? and does anybody know how to do anything about it?

please helpbzzzzzz


duh you dum butt-head. There is no fan. Its hard drive whine.
t h e r e i s n o f a n ! !

OK, so my hard drive whines. But it is whining all the time ; it used to stop whining under OS9, now it's always whining. Just like me. So what do i do? I have tried earplugs and using it next to my fridge. That helped, but it still whines.

Any advice?

alex, owner of an ibook with a virtual fan...
it is not the new operating system that has made the difference, it is your double glazing. Before you had your new windows put in you couldn't hear the wine due to the noise outside.:D

Roter, I think your imaginative comment holds the key to the answer. Its all about relative noise levels, and lateral thinking.

Maybe if i only use it whilst in bed, my girlfriends noisy screams of pleasure will drown out the hard drive whine. Then afterwards, she can check her email in peace ; the hard drive noise will be drowned out by my snoring. I think my problems are solved!!

Thanks, friend

Are you sure the iBook doesn't have a fan? My TiBook has a fan that turns on periodically.


I would not recommend that you don't get the new iBook. It has a firewire port that will mean transfers between you and your girlie will happen a lot quicker - not what she would want. I have heard that even with USB things can happen quite quickly.