iBook first battery charge


Hello people!
I just today purchased a shiny new iBook G4. I have a quick Q though:

When you buy a mobile phone, I've always been told that you should do a long, 12-hour charge the first time you use it or the battery will not hold as much life.

Does this hold true with an iBook battery, or is this just a myth that has been floating around from before Lithiam batteries? I can't find anything about it in the user guide.

Can I just start using it normally - I can't wait 12 hours damnit!!!

Use your ibook as long as the battery allows and then charge it for 12 hours. Make sure to not proceed with the installation at this time. Simply boot into the single user mode and let the battery drain. Although lithium-ion batteries do not have such a strong memory effect they still need to be calibrated from time to time. So, be patient! :)