iBook freezes on boot


Hi All.
I have an iBook G4 running Tiger that freezes when it boots up. I found an archived ticket for someone else who had the exact same problem. I read all the posts on that thread, tried all the suggestions with no results, and saw no post with a final resolution. The ticket (336651) now shows as closed. Is there a way to find out what the ultimate solution was? I was surprised to see someone else was having the identical circumstances that I now have. I would really like to see if anyone else has had these troubles and figured out the solution? I could not figure out how to resurrect that archived thread for everyone to view again, but I copied the first post with the original problem, minus a few specifics......

ryestarr - Mar 14, 2008 - 9:34 am
I have a ibook G4 Laptop which is having problems starting up.
When I restart I get the apple logo and the spinning wheel, after that it goes to a blue screen and just sits there.

I have tried restarting numerous times - at first it would start up and I'd be able to work for a few moments, but then the computer would just freeze (mouse pointer and all). So I would have to restart, Now when I restart, nothing. Just the blue screen after the gray screen apple logo.