iBook G3 333mhz 10.3 upgrade?


Hello. I have an older iBook G3 333mhz Graphite w/ single USB port. I have been trying to upgrade to 10.3 for quite some time now and I just can't figure it out. When I put the disc in it just gives it a quick scan and ignores it while I am holding down C. Sometimes it even spits it out. But, I have used the same disc to upgrade my G4 to 10.3 some time ago now. I really can't stand 10.2, its clunky and lots of new software does not work with it. I gave up and tried to install Ubuntu a few days ago. The iBook was also spitting out those install discs as well. But I finally got Ubuntu installed and I liked it at first but went back to 10.2.8 because well OS X is just the best OS hands down. So, right now I am thinking about using my 10.2 upgrade disc to make 2 partitions for the 10.3 discs and then try to boot off one of them in order to install 10.3. I don't know if this will work or not and was wondering if anyone could tell me or suggest a plan of action for installing 10.3 on this old laptop assuming it will actually run it. Thanks.