iBook G3 RAM Upgrade


Hey guys,
Just a quick question here. I just installed Tiger, and surprisingly the machine is not running as slow as I thought it would be. I am however looking to get an upgrade for the RAM. I can do up to 512MB (it's probably within my budget). Also, it's probably the most sensible, and what the Apple store guy recommended.
Does anyone know the specs on the RAM that i need? I know it's PC133, I think it is 144-pin but not sure. Is there anything else I need to know.

I found a good deal on newegg.com for 80.06+3.83 shipping. Seemed like a good deal, but not sure if it will work. Here is the link.

just looking for some expertise since I'm a new mac user.

Thanks in advance for the help. If more info is needed, I will provide it
I would suggest you buy the RAM from a local vendor/shop. OSX is very picky about RAM, even if it works in OS9, or in a x86 machine.
So, you can easily return it/get a replacement if the RAM doesn't work as expected. Any S0DIM should be fine - I would suggest spend a few bucks more and buy quality RAM, like the Kensignton brand.