Ibook G3 Running Very Slow


My wife has a G3 ibook (pearl; 2 usb ports) about 3 months ago I installed a new hard drive (man what a mammoth job!) and upgraded the OS to panther. It all appeared to work fine. I have continually downloaded the latest updates for the OS. Over the last few weeks the machine has become extremely slow in loading programs and when typing in a word document it takes some time for the characters to appear on the page. - Any suggestions?

PS great site folks - keep up the good work!
There are a couple of routine operations you may want to try - repair permissions (in disk utility), run your cron tasks (in terminal - sudo periodic daily and same weekly and same monthly), and maybe even booting into single user mode (hold "s" while starting up) and run fsck (instructions show on the screen).

Or it may be a preference problem. Try making a new user and see if the slow-down is still evident. If not - you could just migrate to the new user. Or you could try to isolate the corrupted plist file and get rid of it. (They are usually found in the user library.)