Ibook G4 12 Inch


My disc drive will not eject a disc. I can hear an attempt to eject but the disc does not emerge. It appears to operate normally apart from this.

Any ideas ? or have I got to pay out a quoted £250 for a new optical disc drive.

The drive I have is original to the machine.

My tech level is low as far as macs go but I am relatively practical with machinery etc.
If it's the tray-loading drive from the older iBooks, you can release it by using a paperclip in the little hole on the drive door, near where the power-cable plugs in.

If it's slot loading, you'd be best to get an Apple tech to look at it. Chances are it can be removed easily (by a tech) without needing to replace the drive. Slot loading drives do sometimes becomes jammed because of discs with unusual or peeling labels, or if a disc breaks (rare, but it does happen).

I'd be surprised if you needed to splash out for a new drive.