Ibook G4 14" Black Screen Macos 10.3.9


Sometimes my iBook G4 shows a black screen, even if it is still running. I can access its disk or web pages from another computer.

The only I found to control it again was <Ctrl><Alt><Start> to force a restart.

How can retrieve the screen or at least close all apps before forcing the restart.
Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with the iBook going into Sleep Mode?

Check the Energy Saver option in System Preferences and make sure that it's not going into Sleep Mode if you don't want that. Usually I disable sleep when I have the laptop plugged in, PC or Mac. When on battery mode, I make sure that itdoes go to Sleep Mode to conserve battery life.
I've had the same thing happen a couple of times today (so weird). Thing is though that I can still see an echo of a shadow of the application I was actively using when the screen blanked out on me.

First time I did a shutdown-and-restart, and that worked. Second time I closed the laptop to bring on sleep mode, and then reopened it, and the screen came back on.

I do hope this isn't a sign of impending death. I don't need to need a new computer.