Ibook G4 And Quicksilver G4 Not Connected Via Airport

Michael Larner

To anybody that can help,
I just bought a 14 in. ibook with built-in airport extreme and wanted to make it work with my printer/internet that my Quicksilver uses. I purchased and installed an airport card for the quicksilver and got that to work. So I played around for a while and essentially got the ibook to see the quicksilver's internet, yet I can't seem to figure out how to get the computers to talk to each other so I can use the printer. I guess the first question is, my printer automatically goes to sleep, can an airport ibook wake it up through the quicksilver? Also if the quicksilver goes to sleep, then I will loose both internet and printer right? I know this is probably a quick and simple solution, but I am not at that level yet, any help will do?