iBook G4 hard disk gone


Hi, I got the 14" iBook back in 2004 when it came out which makes it out of apple care :( and today the hard disk stopped working (I think) as it makes no spinning noise and a really quiet click as if trying to spin or motor has went. Hardware test also gives mass storage error code STF/1/4. It doesnt mount in firewire target mode on my G5. It boots from my OS X install dvds and doesn't show any hard disk either. I tried it with and without my crucial ram upgrade. It gets a ? on boot flashing on a folder

It boots fine from my dads ibook g3 so I would think its the Hitatch 2.5" 60gb HD

is there anything i can do? Nothing important on it as its just parts copied off my G5 as its my server :confused:

Thanks :D