iBook G4 HDD replacement possible?


Apple Virgin
I had problems with my iBook's HDD making alot of noise and OSX freezing and sometimes efusing to boot. After running the Hardware test CD it confirmed an error with somthing about ATA 100? (Can't exactly remember)
Our iBook has an extended warranty so we sent it off to be repaired and i was wondering about the likelyhood of the HDD being replaced?
Is it possible to replace the HDD on an iBook? (Specs below) I assume it can be done.
Sure it can be replaced, but that error could also mean a problem with the IDE Controller.
Which would be a motherboard problem wouldn't it?
Which could equal a new/refurbished iBook? :eek:
On the same note. My HD is about full and I was wondering is it possible to replace the HD yourself? I've done this on PCs and PC laptops, but never on an iBook. I am wondering if I should replace it myself, or just add an external HD.