Ibook G4 Shutdown From Sleep


We got this new ibook G4 2 months ago from Apple as a replacement for a ibook G3 with chronic logic board problems. A couple of times it has down a strange thing from sleep mode where the screen turns red green & blue ( not sure of the exact colour sequence) then black and appears to shut down.

At first I thought it was "asleep" but attempts to wake the machine failed. About the second time I noticed the power on small white indicator was not showing, so i assume it shut down.

Trying to restart the computer with the on off button did not bring a response until about 5 minutes later. (Although the soft feel of the button always confuses me as you don't feel a solid click to know it works)

It occured when the power cable was on & charging so I don't think it's a battery problem.

The machine is working fine otherwise although I noticed with the advent of Tiger there are strange "question mark" symbols appearing in Safari web screens

Has anyone experienced a similar problem - my concern is am I facing the portent of some greater evil to come!



this seems to be happening with a lot of the g4's including my own but i have not yet found the solution.
please let me know if u do!