ibook G4 won't start nothing zip nadda


I hope someone can help. I have read some other posts that are similar but none that seem as drastic as my problem. My iBook G4 wont' start at all. NOTHING when I push the start up button. Yesterday it spontaneously shut down while I was working which was strange so I started backing up all my files on an external hard drive. Today it won't start at all- not on battery or on plug-in power. I have tried resetting the PRAM and tried single user mode start up but NOTHING! I live in India at the moment and there is no Apple Care Center in my city.
Oh, in addition to wanting to get my files off of my computer and all backed up safely there is also a DVD that I rented in the disk drive that I need to get out. There is no manual eject for this CD drive on this model of the iBook. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!
I have the EXACT same thing happen to me. iBook G4. Backing up files to external hard drive. All of a sudden it died. Fans running off and on when I try to restart, but other than that nothing! Logic board? Power supply? I'm not sure where the problem may lie...I'll let you know if I find anything that works...