iBook G4 won't start!


Earlier today I was using Mozilla just checking my e-mail and stuff. It unexpectedly quit, fine, no big deal, just restart it like usual and carry on. Except now it won't start up. It just stays on the grey Apple screen but the little circle spinning thing never comes up. I can start up under Safe Mode by holding down the shift while starting up, but that's it. This happened once before so I started up under Safe Mode and deleted some things I had recently added, restarted, and all was well again. I did the same thing this time, but all is not well. Any suggestions??
Hi Keers and welcome to the forum.
I would suggest you to reset the PRAM. Restart your Macintosh and hold the COMMAND-OPTION-'P'-'R' key combination. You must be pressing this key combination before you get to the 'Welcome to Macintosh' screen. You will hear the startup chime. Continue holding the keys down until you have heard three chimes.
Hopefully your system will boot again.
Good luck!
If that didn't help, boot into the single user mode (hold COMMAND-'S' while booting) and type 'fsck -f'. What does the filecheck report?