IBook G4 Won't Turn On


I know a lot of other people are having this problem. I've found it everywhere. Apple is basically useless when it comes to helping me-- unless I want to pay the $50 dollars to have them tell me to do everything I've already done.

I'm trying to see if there's anyway to fix this other than taking it in for repairs-- the money to pay those has to come out of my pocket.

This is my problem. I bought this Ibook last year in May. A couple months ago it started with this problem. It simply won't boot. I've tried changing batteries, with and without the adapter charged, letting it cool, etc. I've held all the button combos, re-set everything...and nothing works. It won't boot up at all. If you hit the power button, all that happens is that the fans spin.

Does anyone know anyone in Apple to contact? Who will help?