Ibook G4


I'm trying to find out why my ibook isn't working at all. When the lid is closed the sleep indicator light doesn't come on. When I open the computer I can't here the hard drive start up and the screen remains black. Battery is fully charged. The computer worked fine the last time I used it (about 24 hours ago).The computer is 10 months old with lots of room left on the hard drive. Is my hard drive dead?
Probably not. It is far more likely that the sleep sensor, that detects when the iBook is being opened or closed, has failed. This type of failure is pretty common and an Apple tech can replace it very quickly and easily. It may also be caused by a problem with the battery, charger, power management system or firmware. A hard drive failure, however, is not likely to be the case. Have an Apple tech look at it - its still under warranty anyway.