ibook hard drive dying. Dive. Dive.New size?


Well, it's happened. my 3 year old ibook (AppleCare expired ten days ago, no really) is dying. Fast. I have a model# M860eLL/A, 700 mhz, 256mb/30 gig with combo (dvd/cdrw). I need to replace the hard drive. My question is: Can I get something larger than 30gig? Am I replacing the COMBO DVD-CDRW as well? Do I have to, then, purchase a MAC DRIVE in order to do this? Thanks. In the meantime, we're trying to save the latest information on cds before the fall.
When my HD crashed on my iBook (800mHz, 30 gig HD, Combo) i was given the option of having the same HD put in or an upgrade. So, I decided to go with the upgrade and had an 80gig installed. There is absolutely no reason that the Combo drive needs to be replaced. It's just a straight swap. Let's just say that your luck seems to be a little batter than mine considering I had to have my HD replaced 6 months after I bought the iBook.
Thanks. I did call APPLE and he also assured me that I should just try and stick with 4200rpm...otherwise, a 60 or 80 will be no problem. BTW, we tried to boot today to just back up stupid stuff like "favorites" and "bookmarks," and though we got the usual light clicking - I call it "thinking" - it just spun and spun and spun. So, I think we're too late. Time to shop! (Found a 60g on Drive Solutions on-line for $89. Not bad).