iBook/iMac RAM


i have a imac 400mhz graphitr slot loadin' dvd rom etc etc, and i bot a 100 mhz 256 ram piece, can i tke that thing outa mah imac and stick it in my (soon) ibook (heah it seems i'm gonna get one of those probably with cd burner) ?


imac ram fit in ibok slot?
ibooks use 144-pin ram, imacs use 168-pin ram, so the answer is no.

I got some memoery for my wifes old iBook it cost $40 for 128MB, and for my new 500 Mhz ibook 128 MB Ram for $42. I saved over $318. Memoryx located in San Jose CA, make there own memory for platforms like Apple, Sun, SGI, cisco etc.

I have purchased gigs of ram for Sun equipment, and now apples I got 256 of mem for my G4 cube for $65, and it better mem then what apple sells.

I recommend this fir any body wanting to get more ram.:D