iBook Keyboard


On my new iBook 500mhz the b key came off is there anyway to get it back on? I am having trouble getting it back on.
Apple made it so the keys just 'pop-off' instead of 'breaking off' so you should be to stick that sucker back on. It may take some patience but keep trying, I've poped off several keys on my iBook but they've all [eventually] gone back into place.
I have been trying for two hours and can't get it back on i took of my arrow keys this morning to clean up under my keyboard and they went right back on but me B button won't go back on.:(
In that case there's something wrong, write an email to Apple and they may just send you a replacement key. :(

And next time you want to clean your iBook's keyboard, buy a $4 can-o-air and just spray all the crap out from underneath the keys. Removing them is probably okay 95% of the time, but that one time the B key won't go back just sucks too much ass to be worth it.