Ibook Not Automatically Connecting to Wireless Network


My iBook has worked fine for a long time, but the last week, it has stopped automatically connecting to my wireless network. I have to go up to the menu bar and select the network, and then it joins.

This happens on all of the user accounts, and also when the mac goes to sleep and wakes up, I must manually rejoin.

I tried setting up a new profile, and also deleting the preferences, fixing permissions, etc.

Any ideas?

I am running OS X 10.4.2
and a 3rd party wireless router (but I have had no problems the last year, nor with my other wireless machines.)

Have you installed any new programs recently which might be conflicting or causing a problem? I have been using a Linksys router in a mixed environment for a long time without any problems, so the chances of it being the router in this case are extremely low. But, it would be worthwhile to login to your router and doublecheck all of your network settings, just to be sure.
Thanks for replying, but I squared it away a few couple months ago.
As it turns out, i reapplied the combo update, and it fixed the problem.