iBook not connecting to Netgear BG834G


Hi if someone can help explain how i can get my new iBook with airport card to pick up my wireless connection in my house. Its a netgear wireless adsl firewall router DG834G & i cant connect it? it just doesnt pick up the signal.. any help or info would b appreciated. Thanks
Hi cadyl and welcome to the forum.
Does it work with the network cable (ethernet cable)? If so, log to your netgear interface using your web-browser and the address or If none of these works then take a closer look at your netgear manual. Turn off settings such as WEP, WPA and MAC filters (if you have no clue what I am talking about take again a closer look at your manual). Then unplug your ibook from the netgear router and test your signal reception. Make sure you are not too far away from your router. For testing stay as close as you can. Good luck!
Hi Cadyl, and welcome.
I have read in several places that turning off the WEP and other filters works with Mac, So Zammy-Sam has you headed in the right direction.