Ibook Os9 And Wireless Connection


there is a wireless broadband connection in the house I live in now. I have an "old" iBook with OS9. I would like to know how to connect it to the wireless? With the Airport card? Is that enough or do I also have to buy the airport base (there is a wireless router in the house)? As these airport cards aren't sold any longer by Apple, is there any other sort of thing I can buy, like the usb wireless adapters or things like that. Or can I connect to the broadband using an ethernet cable??
Help! Thanx!!!
You might find an old AirPort card on eBay or a similar source. If you "just" have a broadband connection, you'll also need some sort of base station. Basically, any WiFi-compatible WAP (Wireless Access Point) will do.

You can also connect through an ethernet cable, yes.
You can still buy the Original Airport card. Do a Google.com search for "Airport Card"