iBook screen is tiny after installing Jaguar


I've installed OS 10.2 on a ibook g3 800mhz, and the screen is TINY - a little 3inch viewable area surrounded by black on all sides.

any ideas?

the display settings don't allow any changes - only a 1024x768 resolution to choose from


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It sounds like you are using either a 10.2 install CD from another system or the universal install CD.

Seeing as the iBook 800 was released after the release of 10.2, the standard 10.2 install media doesn't have the drivers needed to drive your system.

If you no longer have the original 10.2.x media that came with your iBook, then your best course of action is to find 10.3 media.

Or you could try running the 10.2.8 combo updater to see if it installs the drivers for your graphics card. I'm not sure that those were included in the updates, but it wouldn't hurt to try.