Ibook Security Update Causing Problems


I have just used the auto-update function on my dual-usb iBook G3 to install the most recent security update (I'm using a fully updated version of Panther).

Since updating there are a number of problems:

Safari and Mail programs hang (with the spinning beach-ball).

Airport contact with the base station has to be manually re-established whenever the machine is re-awakened from sleep mode (Airport icon greyed-out). If I try to reconnect to the base station using the airport icon on the menu bar it also hangs. It only works via internet connect.

Firefox and IE both work fine once base station connection has been re-established.

Any suggestions?

Leigh Parsons


iMac Dual 2.0 17'
Welcome to MacOSX Forum,

Have you repaired the permissions after the upgrade? This is sometimes necessary.
Give that a try and see what happens. Please post your response please.


I've found a solution of sorts: I put up with having to re-establish connection each session and I use Firefox and Thunderbird instead of Safari & Mail!!